Whos Your Daddy? Windows XP/7/8 torrent download


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Whos Your Daddy? Whos Your Daddy? Windows XP/7/8 torrent download

Whos Your Daddy?
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Whos Your Daddy?

Those who have your father, many experience, the player is the protector, the father, the other as a child. Pope’s aim is to safeguard the children’s safety in his home today (it takes only a few minutes).At the same time, the goal of the children is to plug in the store, to take a bath in boiling oven or cruelty: everything that dies and “wins” around. Then the role of change, and the player begins again.

Unfortunately,Poor children

It can not be said, in addition to the basics of the game. Easy Control: Both players use the left and right mouse buttons and the WASD buttons to move and achieve their targets. Dad, of course,Is fast, but it is necessary! Dad must drag objects with healthy physics then as a baby, as well as baby neprobnyy baby evidence: Bleach and battery, Family cupboard waiting for destruction,And broken parts of glass, and if more garage in a garage falls into the wall, it explodes. You can eat medicines and fruits to treat them (without effect) … even if they change the color of the green to reflect their illness and injury.


Every player takes turns, as a dad, and then as Ditina, throughout the tour. This is a useful and equitable feature, because both games are different, unreasonable. The work of the popeIs heavier than the child, from the beginning, but, after working home, the father gets the energy. If you put a cigarette or cigarette battery in the player box, for example,He can get “Bat-dad”, let him look through the wall. Children do not get stronger, but they do not need anything: they are small enough to keep their father, and then into a full bath when it comes out!

Explosives in the past

It seems to be a good thing or a bad thing,Consider the assumptions of the game, but those who do not have your beautiful graphic kid. The true color, the multiplier of the world is similar to the Sims game or mid-2000s. The nature of the structure of objects found in the home, of course, is unprofessional. This animation is best described as”Jump”. But it may be hard to be able to play when the father stands in front of the oven, he collects, and he opens his orders to reveal the baby.

Secured bets

Generally,If your dad looks like your game you can enjoy it, maybeBecause it’s easy to get the game, and an easy way to get started, there’s less risk to try. All you have to do is think about the person(Or more than one), copies of matching games, as well as desire to fall down and dirty in the mysteries of the suburbs, the guardian’s house and the violator.

Who is your father? It depends on you!