With Cameron’s position already imperilled before the

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wholesale replica handbags Like Thatcher and Major before him, Cameron’s ultimate downfall was The European Union. Having already taken a blow to his reputation from at least two attempts to cut benefits to low paid workers and disabled people while handing out tax cuts to big businesses, Cameron had to fulfil his election promise to call a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU for June 2016. The referendum ended in a clear cut if narrow victory for those who wanted to leavenote (52% 48% overall, albeit with the results being very regionally polarized; London and Scotland were heavily in favour of remaining, Northern Ireland was marginally in favour of remaining, while Wales and the rest of England were in favour of leaving by almost a two thirds majority). With Cameron’s position already imperilled before the referendum by Eurosceptic Conservatives who made little secret of their intention to call a vote of no confidence in his leadership irrespective of the result, Cameron announced the day after the referendum that he would resign. Upon his resignation on July 13, 2016, he was succeeded by Theresa May. wholesale replica handbags

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