Whole life insurance is more expensive and the rate of return

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Replica Designer Handbags Whole life differs from term insurance in that the premiums, or payments that you make to the policy, earn interest. So, not only do you have a death benefit, you are earning interest on the amount of money you contribute each month. Best of both worlds, right? Wrong. Whole life insurance is more expensive and the rate of return earned on the interest insurance companies pay, is much lower than that of most any other form of investment. Typically monthly premiums on whole life policies are 3 to 4 times higher than premiums on term policies with the same death benefit amount. In addition, the extra money you spent on whole life could be invested elsewhere with better rates of return. Very simply, buying term life insurance will provide more than enough financial well being for your family and cost you much less than the alternative, whole life. When you are determining the best type of insurance for you and your family and how to buy life insurance, make sure the word “term” is included in your final decision. Nobody likes to think about death. If you get term life insurance, you won’t have to Replica Designer Handbags.