This means less oxygenated blood to the brain causes tiny

Turner’s highlight was The Fighting Temeraire which covers a powerful ship on it’s final journey back to harbour where it is then to be turned into scrap after an impressive naval career which included service in the Battle of Trafalgar. Constable’s Haywain is very typical of his own style which was far more sedate depictions of the English countryside, normally from his favoured location in Suffolk where he lived most of his life. Turner was certainly the more ambitious artist and would travel around Europe looking for suitable locations to continue his work, and is particularly well remembered for his time in Venice where he completed a large series of watercolours. In the present day these artists have a similar level of following and the traditional approach of Constable seems just as popular as the more forward looking approach of Turner who used his own emotions with in each painting which was in line with the ideals of the Romanticist art movement.

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