This is explained early in the show as a hypertrophied version

This, coupled with Abusive Parents above, seems to have played a role in his nature. This is explained early in the show as a hypertrophied version of the trope when Rodrigo describes the Eladrin to Stephen for the first time: “Eladrin are to regular elves as elves are to humans.” Catch Phrase: The main one is Torq’s “Uh.

Embarrassing First Name: Kamille and Four both discuss their names and what they mean to them after they meet. Word Hermes Replica Handbags of God has stated that frames did have to be cut to avoid an NC 17 rating in America, which, frankly, makes Replica Hermes Birkin sense (it’s honestly shocking that the first film didn’t receive such treatment).

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A parody of the Bolognese laureate intellectual (Bologna has one of the world’s oldest universities). Alpha Bitch: Kyoko Kuroha, the class president (though more just rich and powerful than popular) Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The English version (and any other version based on it) uses a different theme song.

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