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The Stray 2017
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The Stray 2017

Wandering tells the story of how a street dog, Pluto, nowhere, and the family of Davis, which has struggled in many ways. In a short time, Pluto’s activist turned small to save, convenience and crazy brings boys’ friendship to 9 years, who were injured, helped to restore the marriage, as well as relationships father-son had been broken. Pluto is not a guard dog – but the guardian angels. Sometimes the help comes from mestsamalaveragodna. Sometimes our prayers are wayIt responds strangely. Sometimes satuanjing changed everything

Little donuts, but daring and pets are the first unsung heroes of Christmas. In Sony Pictures Animation stars, Bo, a small but bold donkey called the mill, lost a life outside of the town’s daily work. Once he found the courage to break free, to pursue an adventure dream later. Along the way, he, the lover of sheep, lost his flock and collaborated with Dave’s dreaded dove. Three Unites with a untec and stable rear untabeberapaSome of the most bizarre animals, Bo and his new friend, have never been the star of the star and have never said – the first Christmas.

The area reflects our time in a bitter satirical drama – a curatorial sense of community, moral courage and self-centeredness in the rich of freedom of all svetse.Krystsiyan riches is curator of the museum, respected by the Arctic, divorce of two children’s father, but a good cause for the driving of electric cars and a righteous person allowed Presentation by berikutnyaadalah «The Square»,The installation invites passersby altruism, reminding them as the role of their person in charge. But sometimes it’s complicated to accomplish their goals: stupid Christians responded Theft of the phone made him uncomfortable stanovishcha.Mizh because the fact that the PR agent has created an unexpected museum business is “a place”. The answer was excessive and Christian, also a museum, sent in an existential crisis.