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The Emoji Movie 2017 The Emoji Movie 2017 free torrent

The Emoji Movie 2017
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The Emoji Movie 2017

Jean, the multilingual expressive smiley, puts the trip to become a normal smiley. The movie “Emotions” unlocks the secret world, which he has never seen before in your smartphone. Hidden in the application for messaging – Tectopolis, a lively city, where all your favoritesEmotions that are hoping live for the user’s choice of phone. In this world, each emoticon has only one facial expression – in addition to genes, large emoticons born without a filter and showing several expressions. To become normal, as another emotion, Jean strives to help his bestthe second X-5 and a scandalous emotional crusade. Together they start with epic adventurism with phone programs, each of which has its own wild and merry world to find the code that the gene decides. But when a big threat threatens the phone, the fate of all emotions depends on theseThree impressive friends to save the world before they are permanently removed.

The Mimicho City Legend in South Korea over the Unknown in Berghadt can mimic human voices – they are known as the Yangtang Tiger. Genesis uses his human voice to attract people to your campThe displeased Korean family of the victim when X O, who suffers from depression after she has lost a child, and her husband who worries about her fall in writing the Jangsan tiger, because this is the voice of his lost child succumbing.

language: korean



Total release date: September 21, 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: not available

Distributor: GSC Movies

Formed: Yum Yung-Ah, Hugh-Kwon Park, Shin Rin-Ah

Director: Hu Jung

Format: 2D