Steam Punk: It’s a film about Victorian adventurer scientists

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Hermes Replica Bags The series is set in the very real Berkshire area of Bracknell but was actually filmed in neighbouring county, Surrey. It should also be noted that Berkshire hasn’t have a County Council since 1998. Oh, Crap!: The third episode when Scarlett realises that her husband sold a music box of vital importance. Rubber Band History: At the beginning it looks like the science will be utterly outdated only to reveal at the end that Professor Cavor used a sheet of Cavorite to flush all the oxygen off the moon in a Heroic Sacrifice to save the Earth from a Selenite invasion, creating the deserted, airless moon discovered by Aldrin and Armstrong. Shout Out: Bedford has a dream sequence that is almost exactly identical to the fantasy cinema of George Melies, creator of A Trip to the Moon. Steam Punk: It’s a film about Victorian adventurer scientists traveling to the moon and back. Hermes Replica Bags

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