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Space Rogue unpacked Space Rogue unpacked Download

Space Rogue unpacked
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Space Rogue unpacked

Take the role of space ship captain. Lead your crew through the galaxy, where is the ultimate goal for you. Fight for peace or piracy while exploring new worlds, refining your ship, crew space and intense battles between ship and ship.

Space Rogue Combines strategy, tactics and adventure into a game that gives you full freedom while exploring the galaxy and choosing targets. In Sandbox mode you even have the ability to play various parameters of the game (powerenemy, random frequency, weapon strength, etc.).

Stop searching! Almost all random events have a number of different features: each wing differs from the last one, from scratch every time you start a new game.

6 games with special functions and battle tactics

Fast and fascinating battles in space

Over 200 random events and roles (just what’s starting!)

Ability to extract planets in search of minerals. Challenging exploitation!

Sandpit in whichYou can fine-tune the algorithms for generating the world and basic game parameters.

Elegant graphics inspired by the golden age of science fiction

Atmosphere “retro” soundtrack