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Snipping Tool
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Snipping Tool

Tool Snipping is a free and simple application that allows users to take screenshots of some web pages. This update is not an official update, the next device is a key cutting tool and offers a number of special advantages along with its predecessor. Java Runtime Environment requires the package to function properly.

Characteristics and benefits

There are several instances where you want to save part of the web page. Beberapacontohnya debugging procedures included or separated files from different providersbetween. The other advantages of the different Tool ++ cuts are widely supported by languages. Initially available only in Germany. It also includes a basic image editor, which also includes the exact escape of the information pages to solve problems. It can be used to extract an entire page or chastakpadsvetleny record.

other benefits

Tool ++ Snipping gives the user all files to be saved directly to the hard drive. However, it is possible to add images to image hostingsiteImgur. As soon as the keyframe tool +0 megabytes, it offers the same parameters with less storage space.