Smadav Antivirus 2016 download free torrent


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Smadav Antivirus 2016 Smadav Antivirus 2016 download free torrent

Smadav Antivirus 2016
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Smadav Antivirus 2016

There are two versions of the SmadAV 2016 software. There is a free version that has fewer tools and requires a manual update of the virus database. Pro version has six additional features, one of which is an automatic update feature.

The 2016 version contains 220 additional theviruses in its data base

SmadAV 2016 is different from other viruses because it does not claim that the ultimate virus and malware solution. Developers suggest you use it outside the course with a combination of antivirus programsothers to ensure complete protection. This tool uses only 5MB of memory and less than 1 percent of your CPU center (Central Processing Unit). SmadAV also has a function that stops programs that infect your computer from a USB port. Updating in 2016 lets the tool open faster than ever.

Download downloads in English

Although SmadAV 2016 is built in Indonesia, there is an English version. This tool has many features forhelp prevent PC damage or damage. Identifying problems that get rid of problems and may also fix changes to changes that may be left behind by viruses or malware.

AVG Antivirus Pro 2016 (k86 / k64) multilingual

AVG AntiVirus 2016 is an award-winning antivirus that detects and blocks viruses, malware and malware. Includes many new options to make it one of the most effective scannersviruses on the market. If everyone uses your computer, yourequires constant protection, keeping you safe in the long run. With AVG AntiVirus 2016, you get free protection from the most sophisticated threats now, online and offline. Simple and easy-to-use interface protects anti-virus protection with simple and easy design. It also includes new privacy features to make your information private.

AVG AntiVirus 2016 detects and warns of any security risksby providing a simple push-up Auto-Fick button that automatically resolves the problem and reset the system to the best protection mode.

With scanning engine scanning, AVG AntiVirus 2016 includes support for multiple processors. The Update Manager ensures that you are constantly protected against the latest threats automatically every 2 hours.

AVG AntiVirus 2016 provides security networks:

Antivirus. It helps to stop, remove, and prevent the spread of the virus,worms, and trojans.

Anti-Malvare. It protects you from malware on your computer and helps stop anything infected.

Anti-Rootkit. Help handle your computer in your hands, not some hackers.

E-mailscanner. Declaring attachment attachments are infectious or fake so they can not damage your computer. Work as a plugin for email applications including Microsoft Outlook or as a scanner for POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts.

Protection cloud technology.Identify and block new threats in the cloud using automatic updates to antivirus software.

Community Protection Network. It now changes any new threats that any member of our community meets for everyone. This adds more protection against viruses to the entire AVG community.

Surf-Shield AVG LinkScanner. Prevention of technology that prevents the site from being infected or crime. He actively checks every page before he clicks and stopsyou if it detects anything suspicious.

Protect social networks. Check links that are changed when you’re on social networks like TVTiter, etc. To make sure that you and your friends are safe.

AVG Online Shield. Check the file before you download it to keep it safe and protect you while exchanging files using MSN and Yahoo! and ICK.

Detects real-time tracking. He uses sophisticated artificial intelligence on computers to identify samplesproactively malware that has not been classified by our AVG ThreatLabs team. AI detection is always trained through our users’ telemetry data.

AI detection. Audience intelligence has been added to the existing cloud cloud detection technology to identify even the latest variant of malware and epidemics in real-time.

AVG AntiVirus 2016 is built for speed. No Slovdovns:

Turboscan. It dramatically reduces the thanksgiving time of the smarter smarter followcommand save the file on hard disk.

Game mode. Keep scanning and updating in the tray as you play to avoid blurring and freezing. It also protects your digital profile from hackers who try to steal and sell their gifts.

SmartScanner. Just scan the computer when you’re not using it. Drop down into low priority mode once you move or hit the lock. To minimize scanning time, it ignores the scanned file andknowing that they are safer.

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