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Slumber 2017 Slumber 2017 Full Movie Torrent Download

Slumber 2017
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Slumber 2017

SlumberAlice is a rational mind to sleep, but she is always haunted by the mysterious death of her sister. Given the family with sleep problems, Alice was attacked by her father in a dream. Considered as a cause of sleep problems for his family, the arresting father was thrown into jail. However, the problem is getting worse for the family, and Alice now has to abandon her teachings, realizing that the family was cut by Night Argument, the parasitic fever ate the victim during sleep. To fight the spiritNasty, Alice must break deep into the nightmare and meet her with a baby.

Language: English

Translation: Malay / Chinese

Classification: NA

Total issue date: 07 December 2017

Genre: Horror

Duration: Not available

Distributors: CSC Films

Actor: Maggie P., Will Kemp, SylvesterMechoy, William Hope

Director: Jonathan Hopkins

Format: 2D

The bedtime doctor protects the family from the devil who takes on the inner nightmare of people.