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Serato DJ

The brand is known in the Serato software product, especially in the case of Serato Scratch Live.

Moderator of the program’s discount to be used by the moderator Serato Music Raven. Nowadays, Serato DJ Q mode, the author of DDJ choice, is a very important opportunity. Even if you do not manage, you can use the keyboard and mouse to use the Serato song.

Serato also has time to spend so much time. You want to interface the individual feature of the program;

Song: The Serato and mix it with its four faces.Due to the reason for 8 points, the ratio of this ratio to BPM is the most authentic car, very fast, the influence of the player’s copy and the result of striking species. .

It really deserves to display the visual spectrum, as it is easier to blend, as Scratch downloads the full screen of downloads, LiveTrac: praying in iTunes and proposing music in a piece of cake.

The SeratoTempus program is incredible, it is necessary to record everything as Music mix. And it’s free!