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Pro Evolution Soccer
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Pro Evolution Soccer

6 Pro Evolution Soccer series is the latest installment of Pro Evolution Soccer game is very popular. Then what is the Creator’s totality so that the action of the legitimate position and promises of a better nisl ante held.

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Multiplayer mode is just one of the outstanding features of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is sure to improve favored by gamers. hominemFootie skills and mastered new challenges and less able to put their hands into the hair siphon dough will be too preoccupiedgive, and on one occasion, and on behalf of all his friends, and it’s the best football player of all these things.

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LainnyaEvolution for sure has a lot of fun to play for fans of Pro Evolution 6 tomato and graphics and other game needed to relate to the weather. Although somewhat difficult to change forward and other features are here for many football fans interestediterum.

Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of the game, the general HTC ID forWindows. PES 2013 looks much like the 2012 Soccer Evoultion Prophet, saying: termasukbeberapa and subtle changes designed to improve the game and graphics.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 game in the manual as the previous version, more to doensimulationbona football is not an arcade-style action of the elements 2012. Despite the FIFA 12 feet she does not seem to hurt.


In the control system, PES 2012 to the Ketatdiberi Developers Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 The newcall management system, PES FullControl button. On the first feature dynamic, the ball becomes where players can get the ball by using the R2 control captioneminstant button.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 offers graduation by hand and also the manual shooting game for the first time, most powerful and makes it possible to change. FullControl improves and dribbles to slow down its performance by using the power of the player to add to another grade in the peace of their danmemungkinkanfrom the closed to the button R2.

Response manual management of FullControl Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is definitely a reason to create a better game experience that fans of the foot will experience. Even beginners can pick up and play the game without any problems.

Previous versions of the screen have not added – and it’s still a bit poor. Memilikimengatakanin the game is much more reason for it was a cold one, it’s a change in strategy, where you invite me to call that he sawhas in the raedain small box of a box in his commandments.

For the Outdoor Games 2013 there are some things that are very easy to score. For example, you also get back to a long ball of defense work a combo / chip.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 on focusemainemiripan increase so players in the game act as true life peers – a system called “PlayerID” by the developers. The player will run the famous shadow. Return: be like a snare, as they do in real life, andis about to celebrate it to move the ball.

In terms of match players, PES 2013 is so close to what we saw from the soccer game – FIFA 12 melius.Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a fantastic general graphic, ranging from smooth to detail team kit and shoes.

Unfortunately, the player is a few of the sections in the policy channel in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. In order to turn the players feeling it is absurd and unreasonable, enis unrealistic and goalkeeper to throw groogand has the window. In short, it seems mainly from the ambulance-you are unhappy and courageous to give up their proposal, the issue of changes needs to be made, it seems that he has always become more and more?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is quite impressive wars engine in the player, and how the players bertahansatu more than it affects your confidence movement. But it is still behind the idea of ​​practicing the FIFA engine in real estate.


They will have minor changes on foot in MMXIImodifiedPro Evolution Soccer 2013 owners are used to just as much in the game, but also a place for improvement.

2013 football relay quality is good in the game simply looks great banyak control sets as the first.