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Plants vs Zombies Plants vs Zombies Windows XP/7/8 sassyy Torrent Download

Plants vs Zombies
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Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies are a good and easy game where you should fight the dead with unusual weapons, the plants that grow in your garden.


Plants vs. Zombie of course are slightly different. Hordes of zombies want to get into the brain, and they will do whatever it takes to get home. You will find a variety of zombies, undead, for rugby, circuits and players.

Despite the fact that you should use methods of living strategies, cadavers rates, plants against. Zombies broken with gamesmini-mini, like cakes, you will have ball buttons instead of zombies and pins. These and other problems, which will receive points that can later be used to buy new species or to improve a few.

Attachment to the original mode of adventure, the plants against. Zombies come other ways to keep you safe for hours. In living conditions, you have to protect yourself from zombies byteskontsagaarda, so you can check, how long you have gone, during the Zen Garden mode, you will have time to relax And careyour plants before collecting the fruit of your garden skills.

To protect yourself from zombies, you will have lots of flowers and vegetables to choose from: A flower player, nuts to lose your enemies, or mushrooms and daisies, which can help you to take light symbols as coins grow new plants. All these plants help make your test of domzombies.

Management and gameplay

Plantasy Zombies are controlled by the mouse. Movements made easily, which can help you cope with your ownin advanced missions.

Plants against Zombies are a very important input: the game leaves them free at the beginning of the mission, where it seems that they are taking the path. This small controversy increases in step to the end of the infernal attack, seedlings need to plan their defense and perfection to utilize resources properly.


Reviews, Plantsvs. Zombies are not really fun games, but certainly not worth it. You have interesting characters, and beautiful designs, that in some points, you see it begins to startto worry about the deadly prospect.


Of course, plants vs zombies are one of the funniest and exciting games, you can gulyatsna PC. The number of plants and zombies is great, but few are brought in so that you can avoid a long run.