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PES 2012 PES 2012 Windows XP/7/8/10 Torrent Download

PES 2012
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PES 2012

PES 2012 is the most popular soccer and gaming console in Windows. The game makes important improvements compared to PES 2011, since it is played in the previous version and is graphically better. PES 2012 demonstrated everything. Nowadays, the series is hanging with EA FIFA. There are many hopes to win the Sims battle this year.

What changed PES 2012?

The PES 2012 changes focus mainly on playing and grouping behavior so that players can take full advantage of the tactics. PES 2012Other changesare the following:

more style of players, better effects of lighting, improvement of the system and dead ball barneetc.

how does the AI ​​system work?

As always known at the beginning of the game, many changes in PES 2012 are an artificial intelligence of the game. Help your classmates and adversaries to be more effective when designing them more effectively. They focused on five keys: connection paths, diagonal movements, dummies, zone protections and zone marks.

The new ball systemPES 2012 opens up new possibilities and gives more control to your team. Using an appropriate analog player to select a player that is not balloon and balloon moves the control of the player. Managing this is difficult and difficult to use, but it is desirable to be smarter or take away the left positions to create a place.

PES 2012 defense improvements are also spectacular when the teams are much better. The defense is hard. Not enough Take a button to attack the attackerand steal the ball. With PES 2012, you must make sure to place the owner in the indicated place first and foremost.

ImprovedAn the block of attack and in one of them the promotion seems to be easier than in previous versions of PSE 2012, that is, games with fewer scores than before.

What’s new Pro Evo 2012?

Updating with Pro Evolution Soccer with standard, PES 2012 graphics have been improved and, in some cases, gamers are very real. Animations are thinner and the game looks more like thatto FIFA.

This second demo version of PES 2012 is not a representative of the Football Championship for the latest version of the sim version, but it feels like new aspects of the game. You can play fifteen minutes by selecting Tottenham Hartspur, Bayern München, Rangers, Ambique or International. You must verify the challenge of the demonstration to get a practical coach from the 2012 PES training section.

Configuration screen and PES 2012 Touch configuration menus are fasterThat the previous version, which would be good for the popular Pro Prion Creation process, can be one. In the final version, let’s wait and see if you have simple tactical menus.


Some will say that Pro Evolution lost ground in the last three or four versions of FIFA. PES 2012 definitely closes the failure of FIFA, but adds some intelligence to the game of Pro Evo.

With the analysis and improvements to AI, PES 2012 is an excellent long-term entry.