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Only The Brave 2017 Only The Brave 2017 uTorrent Download Free Movie Torrent

Only The Brave 2017
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Only The Brave 2017

Everyone will be created, some will be warm. Only the hero, based on the true story of Hotite Mountain Hotshots, the legendary hero is a fire brigade inside WHO, hope, determination, sacrifice and campaign to protect the family, the community and our country will be a team to extinguish fire with scholars in the country. Because many of us run away from danger, they run towards them – they look at our lives, our homes, we all do the road to the confederate brotherhoodjust one firefight.

According to the true story of Hotshots from the Granite Mountains, a group of elite militants threaten everyone to protect the city from a historic mine.

The Chrobry community is based solely on the elite men workers who fought the fire of Yarnell Hill, wildlife in Prescott, Arizona, did not shake and June 2013. Amewaua prisoners of fifteen Prescott City, members of the Hotshots of MlimaGranite.


Subject: Malay / Chinese

Note: P13

GeneralPublic Information: 02 November 2017

Type: Drama

Operation time: 2 hours 13 hours

Distributors: GSC Film

Cast: Ben Hardy, Jennifer Connelly, Taylor Kitsch, Miles Teller

Director: Joseph Kosiński

Do: 2D