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NI Multisim
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NI Multisim

Multisim (formerly known as Electronic Workbench) is the basic medium for designing electronic circuits and performing SPICE simulations.

Thanks to NIS Multisim, you can design an electronic system from scratch. You will have all kinds of ingredients in the palm of your hand, which allows you to simulate and investigate each transaction of the section. The Education publication has been specially designed for mentors.

NI Multisim has a large database of electronic components, predefined offers,SPICE and VHDL simulation modules, support for RF circuits, PCB generators and many more. Because this is the case, however, students can understand this in a simple, integrated environment, especially when it comes to more abstract concepts.

In addition, NI Multisim allows you to download additional modules for specific processes. For example programming the used ASM or C microcontrollers. Multisim is a dinangoscope for error detection, checking the design behaviorand prototyping. All this can be achieved without knowing Spice in depth, which is a big plus.

NIS Multisim – a great environment for designing, learning and creating electronic circuits. Powerful, important tools for electronics or technicians.