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You may not know, but you can choose a service that changes the address you entered into your browser for IP numbers, real network settings.

This is not something that many users will think, but they wonder how different DNS sequences can be made. Powerful Google has just begunthe service, where do you know it is best? Ginabench can tell you.

Just download files and use it, and Jinabench will open without filtering. Choose whether you want to import international (like Google DNS) and regional DNS services,data source (perhaps Firefox) and Benchmark Data Selection.

Ifit does not matter to you – do not worry! All you have to do is press the Start Benchmark button, and Ginabench will start. Measurements can take away at all times to best allow you to move while traveling for your business. Results will appearthe default browser as a graphical page and table. They are larger if you are interested in information, but this may be unknown to a stranger. Fortunately, at the top of the page we will only advise you ifyou use the service as soon as possible.

Ginabench is very goodan application that talks about the problem people can not know. However, this does not help you if you want to change your DNS server after the test. Because they were left alone.

use Jinabench to see if you are prompting it as soon as possible – you can speed up your web experience!


Opportunityto upload online results

Show DNS server and nomenclatures in HTML output (mouse)

Photo update updated

Fast / faster speeds look healthy

Newtablets are available (updated Alexa, cache, cache hit, cache mix)

Direct import of capsules,manufactured by tcpdump and wireshark.

OARC port monitoring is included

Update the server list

The reserved library (dnspython, jinja2)