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IPhoneBrowser lets you view your iPhone and iPod Touch files on your Windows PC.

Your iOS mobile device is full, where you can use it, just like an external hard drive. But it can be a little hard to get if you do not have the right equipment. This is the place wherewhat comes to the iPhoneBrowser.

WindowsBrowser is Windows based and has an easy way to set up your phone by sliding and unloading. Users can also choose to manually archive files, as well as to view texts and images.

IPhoneBrowser should appear immediately afterwardsyou will turn iPhone on your computer. Like other file managers like Total Commander or Windows Explorer, the iPhoneBrower Dual Panel Interface, with a list of your folders to the left and the one you chose, is transmitted in the upper right corner. The program also has a pre-panel view from the bottom.Just right-clicking will allow you to see all the options, some of which include Save As, Backup File, File Replacement and Delete File.

The only real disappointment some users can encounter with iPhoneBrowser is if the program starts after you attach the iPhone. In this case, you will needto look for iPhoneBrowser in your program files, which can be a bit tired if it happens many times.

IPhoneBrowser is an easy way to delete files on your iOS device.