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Google Earth
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Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to set the images to see the effect of the land of the satellite from every part of the combination of the agent, Street View and aerial imagery. The big search engines are a large number of images available data and the use of an intuitive and they may be terbaikplanet was found alive, but also the sky, the moon and Mars.

Explore world Google Earth

Interactive 3D atlas, Google there. See what you can (almost) every corner pandang.Dari biggest cities in the national parks, the water and all the wonders of the world insubremoved.

If the ground is not enough, you can enjoy the picture of Mars and the moon and the stars on the move. The Google search engine will help you find the address Andacari from any place with GPS coordinates.

Google Earth offers a number of, a thing which place affords, strewn information, such as all the borders of their channels, 3D buildings, the trees, and sometimes with their images, and weather conditions. You can also menambahkankonten in the Google Earth, since a place has always been in the imaginibusEt visit. Google Earth integrates the functions Street View, availableGoogle Maps, save you that in several cities.

In addition, all of these features, such as Google Earth and have also given to thee, the birth, the capacity of the router, iyamengukur at a distance, then add a bookmark, save the picture, and run off into the flight simulator.

When traveling mouse

Google Earth navigation is very intuitive, and all need a button or mouse layar.Anda can zoom, rotate the eye and itineranturfacili around the earth. In order to enjoy the price of a virtual containment Street View, but you can begin to act as a small iconeasy access on the road (shown in blue). Navigation is good; that search engines are able to move their mouse mudahbagaimana and other left menu is done using the display.

Great importance program

Google Earth and the Earth is fantastic and amazing tool for pemantauandi protected by its situation. It is very impressive graphics engine, the same as the number of the natural fate comes on them, and had conquered places that in detail. The proposed content of the various layers of texture and shape are updated constantly. Google Earth is a greatimportant program that will take you leave the world and tanpauntuk