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Freegate Freegate 64bit portable Download Free Torrent

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Freegate is anti-critic software that allows you to access websites blocked by countries like China, Cuba and Iran. This software uses Dynaweb, which, similar to the popular torrent software, uses a proxy system like P2P.

Freegate was first developed for use in China by Dynamic Internet Technologies Inc., one of the first organizations to produce anti-filtering software.

Useful use

Freegate has two encrypted tunnels with which the Internet barriersbe overcome in the tin countries.

You can run Freegate in proxy mode or Classic Fod. A proxy mode automatically changes the Internet Explorer proxy settings so you can access any blocked Web site by typing the address bar. If you use another web browser, you must manually change the browser proxy.

You can avoid changing the proxy settings in Classic mode, Here you can access the web page by clickingstart the Dynaweb homepage in your browser, even if the content of the website is not displayed correctly.

Fast links and much information

The Freegate installation is not deleted. After downloading and starting, you can use the Proxy Proxy to change the Freegate settings for accessing some or all web addresses. If you access the Web site directly through the Freegate proxy, your proxy settings must be made (in most cases it will be youchange automatically, depending on which browser you use); Otherwise, dynamite will start automatically in Internet Explorer so you can access the blocked sites. The Dynaweb interface is not so good, but that’s a trick.

There are four tabs on which you can find information about your connection, including server, status, tunnels, and settings. The Admin tab displays the servers you are using and the speed of the connection;The Status tab tells you which tunnel you are using, and gives you proxy settings with the option to disable the software. Tunnel location lets you select tunnels and methods (proxy or classic) that you use; During settings, you can change things like clearing the browsing history and other program settings.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of software, it can be confusing to break some terms, but it’s easyto use and configure disinfection at startup makes it easy to start the snatch.

Your access to filtered content

If you’re in a region with filtering restrictions like China, Freegate is good software to overcome restrictions and access to blocked websites like Facebook and YouTube.