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Far Cry
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Far Cry

Far Cry is the first person shooter that includes many open elements of intelligence. As a veteran of the Special Forces, Jack Carver, you are lonely on the islands, looking for missing journalists. Instead, you aresquad of mercenaries, as well as other exotic opponents. You will have to explore the island, take it badly and come to the bottom of the case.

Welcome to the jungle

Far Cry pioneers included the open-source research and first action with gun guns;It is an important achievement and an investigationof sequels. The concept is not new today because the game was first launched in 2004 – because of the success of building imitators – but the game remains and is excited.Even in comparison to modern games, part of it is better, like a really complex hostile AI. If you play the other arrows the first person you will not find too much in the normal controls,But the gameplay is a little more focused on stelsahi tactical thinking than heavy fire power – Jack carving is certainly tough, but not unbreakable. Despitethe modern standard, the image is still attractive.

Check out the classic

FarCry is not the most modern technology of any existing angel but the gameplay is still interesting to come back – or quit for the first time.

Far Cry 4 is so respected that its Far Cry 3 agent,That we almost say we are looking for long-term growth.

Although Far Cry 4 will happen in Kiratu (Himalaya Mountains), which has changed its perspective, the rest remains unchanged: survey, hunting,Progress of your character, Al enemy, vtorynnyyHibaBad news is that what we have here, “more equal”? Let’s find out.

Now the majority of wild elephants

Far Cry 4 Kyrat invites you to explore on your mission to save the region from the movement ofThe dictator. So that’s part of Far Cry 3 Mission commitments that you allow you to deny the main route mission and start a large number of alternative content.

Taking a place of terrorist police is one of the best exercises because there is no single solution.You can enter the fort, shooting without stopping, fallingair with a mini helicopter, attacking a distance from the sniper. Other events sometimes also increase the level of uncertainty about your journey.

The rest of the secondary mission has many lines,But it is very diverse when compared to what you have in Cry Cry 3. You will be transporting goods from your Army to your real colleague by shooting missiles. The result will be a real explosion.

“All this very familiar voice”,You might think .Far Cry 4 adds a lot of “tools” to reveal your creativity like elephants,mini helicopters, more animal structures, and more.

Far Cry 4 wants you to let go of fear in the company.Multiplayer mode is one of the newest games. You can travel with Kirat to other users in sharing mode or interacting with one of Vs. Player. Player modes such as catching flags or closing bombs.

Another great new campaign isThe fortress. These are the 4 superpowers that are so high that the difficulty you suggest try to take their photos with friends in many forms. You will have a great time alone or inthe company, but we miss out on such issues.

Change the lens

Kirate -Great place. Graphics lets you forget how you are in the way of some of the Far Cry 3 expansive islands. Each unit that Kiratu has its own style and color and style of culture you can do because the scenery is in return.Far Cry 4 requires computer performance. But the victims are costly

If you’ve played Far Cry 3, you need to miss the Far Cry 4 training and even if you’re new to the series, you’ll know immediately about the controls.Theyare very intuitive, and you can do much with them without having to create them complex shortcuts or buttons (in case you play with the gamepad).

There is no revolution in the eyes

FarCry 4 – “more than that”. You are waiting for the dark thing you did in FC 3, but this time in the new landscape and with the most options? Then jump on the adventure and do not let her thoughts anymore.What are you for the revolution? Then wait for Cry Cry 5 that can not be avoided.