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Elf 2017
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Elf 2017

As a child, Buddy slipped into the Santa’s toy bag and was taken to the North Pole, where he was raised as an elf. One mistake that has grown threefold compared to his family of elves, Buddy eventually went to his hometown of New York to find his roots.Unfortunately, they became fathers, such as Scrooge and a ten-year-old uncle who did not believe in Santa. At worst, everyone seems to forget the true meaning of God’s Identity. But in a simple way Buddy put one hand to win a family and save Christmas in New York, hoping to finally find the presentplace in the world.

This sixty-year-old Richard Turner is known as one of the greatest world posters, but completely blind. This is a deep look at a complex character, which is one of the greatest hidden treasures.

The history of Mersala consists of three different periods of time, whereVijay plays three different characters, a doctor, a wizard and a village leader from Madurai. Mages and doctors can solve growing health risks throughout the country, and as a result, corruption in the Indian medical industry is growing.