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DownThemAll! DownThemAll! torrent download

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DownThemAll! it’s the most powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox that adds new features to your browser.

If you want to download everything completely on the site, this is a temporary process and service. DownThemAll! will make it easy.

The smooth download manager recognizes everything that you can download on the site. In the simple list you choose, the things you want to download by checking the box. You can see whatimages, movies, audio files, etc. file name.

You can also improve your download and easy-to-use parameters to find the file type you want. What’s more, downloaded files and DownThemAll! They are instant – faster than Firefox downloads, which are harder in every way.

DownTheMote Developers! They say it can reach up to 400% faster, and although it may be similar to your estimation, nodoubt it will happen soon. Of course, it also helps restore the download, so you can just leave Everything! Works when you come from the computer and finally find all the files you need.

DownThemAll is a great plugin that should be standard in Firefox.


Posted as Firefox 6. *

Repair: ability and certified (minimal) memory discharge

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