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Think about the good old days when the computer has x86 chips and MS-DOS is a central operating system for everyone? It seems that you need a lot of technical knowledge to use your computer in the right way.

DOSBoxLet your followers stay nostalgic in the fact that not so long ago there was time for game simulations and applications under DOS. Of course you have to remember all standard DOS commands, mount and run applications, or just look at the list.

The DOSBox websiteoffers a large list of all the games that can be found in DOS, but contains no links to download. You must find the internet to find them.

The advantage of DOSBox over other emulators is that it is not limited to the game. Do you remember the great app that you used in DOS years ago? If you find it, you have a great chance to work in DOSBox.

DOSBox can play games or applications running under MS-DOS. You must be comfortable with the DOS command with DOSBox.


Manyof them include:

Very small solution / hacks / support for small games. (Attackers, Roadhog, GTA installers, Find the sound card from Kingdom O ‘Magic, pirate developer, fist armored installer)

Add a color mode of 640×480 256 S3. (Confirmation of “wood and iron” and “I have no mouth and I have to cry”).

Fix overflow stack, which can lead crash DOSBox.

Filling Fake input microphone. (Right Speak Parrot)

Adjust the Adlib command to disable the code function,so that it does not close when the same sound is repeated over and over again.