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Cooking Fever

Do you like to cook games like “The Class of Sarajevo Cooking”? Then you like Fever Cooking. In this adventure, with free basic content and optional microtransactions, you will be responsible for fast food restaurants (burgers, pizzas, tacos). The content is exciting and convenient audiences – all adults can play.

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

In the Gross Cooking, you have to “survive” a ton of customers who will ask you about all kinds of foods: hambers, barrels, hotAs a clerk, you must go to the necessary steps to prepare each meal and every order. For example, to prepare a good hamburger, put the bread in the plate, put the meat in a bowl, remove it when it’s over (remove it too long and it will be burned and you will have to throw it out). put her in the bread

Rhythmand microgeneration skills will be the key to success in a cooking fever, especially when you go through the level of the tutorial and start to be frightened by many customers at once. It istoo long and the clients will leave unprotected. Be fast and be as happy as you like.

ToNow Cooking Fever looks like your typical cooking game. What’s unique? Two elements: promoting and managing the organization.

At the end of the cycle or cooking fever levels, you can invest in better cooking equipment. Improve your plate and mezobites earlier. Find more designers and you can feed more food, helping with your provisions. You choose what you want to improve,Cut one of the boss of this type of game: linear sequence.

When you’re a round-up, the game will allow you to invest in improvements like a restaurant. This component is more strategic than it sees: entertain your customers with high quality television and wait longer. Again, this part of the game helps to feel that you control your fever directly hurts, not the opposite!

There is a lot of patience

CookingFever is not a free game of 100%, women and men. The address isInclude optional microtransactions to help you quickly improve equipment or make some faster increase. You can complete Cooking Fever without paying, but many times you will have to repeat the levels to get enough money to improve your equipment. You need a lot of patience.

Cooking Fever has excellent controls, which I am grateful in the most stressful moments. No more, I hate these games than when I lost time because the title does not recognize that I want to sendorder the client, for example.

At an aesthetic level, Twymyn Cook is beautiful and even nice without overloading colors that slow down operating older devices. Each interactive element is designed so that it is easy to identify the cadanasites in the center of cooking, which is the most important thing.


Cooking Fever was astonishing at us. We were expecting another cooking game and we saw a title that recognizes that he was in a genre of death and that there was some sort of devolution. DifferentFor other similar games, in Cooking Number you manage your strategy and how you want to make progress. We do not always think we’re going to talk about strategy in the kitchen game, but you’re mistaken that you did not expect to read this recommendation.