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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Call of Duty: Black Ops III FastDL ann ann Download

Call of Duty: Black Ops III
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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: The first person of Black Ops III is the shooter. In 2065, the most advanced technology, do you think Robocop joins the military? The ongoing reflection about the future war increases technology and toys, embedded in a classic CoD behavior.

You do not always have to turn on the Skimming series content, and this latest Treyarch section still has a concentrated story, a futuristic varied mode and zombie noir moduafilm.

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TheThe Black Ops III campaign is closely linked to Black Ops titles. However, the connection, according to the subject, maintains part of the Duty Universe call for a special means of promoting military technology, and occasional reflections, what it means to be human.

This entails the defense capability of your hero, allowing a player to die critically and using all kinds of excellent technologies. These can be used to mark visual effects of overlapping important elements,such as a micro-rocket machine that automatically sets targets, and powers, such as electronic rumors. Duty. Add a more beautiful about these steps, but I think the legs were expected by the robot.

The problem is that it is only used in the travel service; The usual pilaster attends the latest story. This is not an unhappy show, but recent years have been waiting for the latest stories. I think that Treyarch is very careful and fantasticTo keep the dominant – what he does – is a girlfriend to take care of stories.

Although the only player may be a little lower this year, Black Ops III has plenty of opportunities to play the entire überlagertbis campaign in four co-operatives, an extraordinary dose of extra entertainment, as well as the Bidaia itself.


Multiplayer also uses the future environment where bonus payments, tests and breakdowns are updated as a ski-version version. AncientAs they look, they are still practical parts.

For example, take my favorite favorites – Anti-Personal Sentry Robotic, which is basically the only K-9 bonus. Why do I like it? Well, it seems Robot Wars is evil. Unfortunately, it’s perfect for Talau Cerberus to play against.

Like Titanfall, multidisciplinary work remains beautiful and feasible to make it clear. In addition to what he feels always, he adds an additional vertical world, new tactical optionscreating

Black Option III multiple modes also present nine special characters. Each one can be an upgrade person and has a unique ability and capability. Classes like Nomad can install Drone traps while Outrider will be more aware of arc skills. These capabilities have different tactical options between classes and succeed in applying multidimensional HDD dynamics.

Add to these game modes – Hardpoint Return, Domination, and the death penalty of the teamIncluding, and many supporters will have enough to keep them.

However, you need to mark Treyarch Trifecta, zombies and the path. In the 1940s, it feels just as different from the rest of the game. But she keeps all lovers of lovers of Love, touching Lovecraft’s fears and every single voice in Jeff Goldblum. I do not need to say anything.

Does revival reappear?

Duty of Duty’s great hopes: Black Ops III. Treyarch has been in for three yearsThe first time for Duty’s call (and not two) to play in the game, and I can not believe that my expectations are awaiting her absence and a good succession of the future. Of course, when dedicated players are starting with the new features of the game, it’s better to find a depth, but with my interest it’s directed to a single player, but I do not feel a bit.