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Avast! 2017 Premier Avast! 2017 Premier Chipmunk download torrent

Avast! 2017 Premier
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Avast! 2017 Premier

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Avast! Basic Key + 2017

Avast! – Antivirus software that perfectly detects viruses on your hard disk, in memory, boot sector, etc. You can search for viruses in emails, embedded locking softwarescripts Virus databases are updated several times a day and can be downloaded via the Internet. Avast! It has an intuitive interface for skin treatment.

The main feature of avast!

Blocking viruses and devices belonging to the device

This allows you to look for helpfrom an experienced friend

Provide online trading and banking

Safe Launch of Doubtful Programs

This blocks hacker attacks

Protection of personal data

Blocking unpleasant spam

Blocking phishing attacks

The main ingredient is Avast! Prime Minister:

Antivirusengine Block Viruses and Spyware.

Remote Assistance Allows friends to help with computer problems.

Secure areas provide Internet banking and security (such as Air).

Sandbox. This involves a secure virtual environment (outside the computer) for viewingweb pages and application launches.

Software update. Provides automatic software updates.

AccessAnywhere. Provide remote access to your computer.

Advantages of Avast! Premier Antivirus:

Feel confident with our best protection. avast! Prime Ministerbetter than our comprehensive Internet security solution, and includes a new shredder to remove confidential data from a hard drive without recovery; Remote support function that allows users to automatically connect to friends / relatives of devices; as well as new featuresSoftware updates that update all used programs are outdated and / or require a security update.

You no longer have to worry about outdated or outdated programs. for avast The latest automatic version of our new software update featureThe software allows you to download the latest updates and fixes to your application, protecting you from vulnerability issues.

Everything you want. Do you need a file to stay at home? AccessAnywhere on avast! Premier provides a remote connection to your computer.

Do not leave any traces onhard disk drive If you want to sell or migrate your old computer, here is the best way to avoid the leak of confidential data. Typically, data is not completely deleted, only links to those who have been deleted. Our program to destroy data avatars! The Prime Minister has been completely removedfiles so that they can not be restored using hardware or software. You can do this in three cases: accidental overwriting, the DoDi Gutmann method.

Browse webpages and chat with your friends without any worries. The sandbox allows you to view the questionableprograms in the virtual environment of the page and run them (except computers). Our Internet screen, as well as instant messaging and P2P screens, provides security on social networks (eg Facebook or Twitter), dating sites, chats (like Skype or ICQ) and peer-to-peer sites. Exchangefiles

Take advantage of real-time protection. Transfer the technology of transferring the hig virus virus database to your computer. In real time, make it avast! Get virus definitions as soon as they are found in our antivirus lab.

Find out what’s going onbefore you press the mouse. Our CloudRep technology saves millions of reputation files so we can remind you of the reputation of your files.

Manage it! on all your devices. Your AVAST account is your personal directory and contains all your data for working with avast! For all stationary and mobiledevices. In addition, we prepare a security report every month by providing a brief overview of the most important information (for example, the number of infected pages that are blocked).

Get help from experienced users on your network. The Remote Assistance feature allows you to remotelyConnect with family friends to help your computer. This process uses the AVAST server on the firewall and can be fixed by any page at any time.

2017 Changes to Avast version:

Made with care for reliability and simplicity. Just click our program forScan your computer to troubleshoot security and performance issues with passwords and credentials in your home network.

Gambling? Now continuous. New game mode automatically turns off all alerts and Windows system software from Avast, releases unlimitedThe maximum power of PC calculations. The curiosity of the game process.

Behavioral analysts We are not just considering programs for malicious code. Now we also monitor their behavior for suspicious activity.

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