Auvergne [r]: Region of southwestern Europe

They are wingless insects; they cannot fly or jump. It spreads through indirect contact like sharing pillows, hats, combs, towels etc. The risk of transmission accelerates in overcrowded places or due to close physical contact. Auvergne [r]: Region of southwestern Europe, politically in France and culturally in Occitania. [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionHeads of StatePresident of France [r]: French head of state; office includes wide ranging powers, including the appointment of the Prime Minister and the promulgation of laws (held by Emmanuel Macron since May 2017). [e]Emperor of the French [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionMonarchy of France [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionLouis Napolon Bonaparte canada goose outlet canada goose outlet , Napoleon III [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionArmand Fallires [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionRaymond Poincar [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionPaul Deschanel [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionAlexandre Millerand [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionGaston Doumergue [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionPaul Doumer [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionAlbert Lebrun [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionVincent Auriol [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionRen Coty [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionJacques Chirac [r]: Add brief definition or descriptionNicolas Sarkozy [r]: President of France, 2007 2012; leader of the Union for a Popular Movement party (born 1955).

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