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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Whispy torrent download

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
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Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

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The Adobe Illustrator CC software is a standard vector drawing medium for designing on different media. Showcase your creative vision through shapes, colors, effects, and typography. Adobe Illustrator CC works with speed and stability in large, comprehensive and effective use in Creative Adobes applications.

CC illustrator:

Life figures: plains and rectangles

At present, there is rapidly changing, including personal root control. Functionsangles are kept if you make a scale and rotate the rectangle. Illustrator now sees your area of ​​work, elevation, rotation, healing angle, so you can return your form.

pen preview tool

See the path you are drawing before leaving your next item. As you draw, the line looks like a rubber strip from your destination with the tip of the pen. Imagine where the next curve will go when you put the next point and less time to clearroute.

I’m sorry

Good configuration settings are easier. New place control helps to catch the wrong or other pulled hands, as you draw, to control the smoothness of each part. You can also quickly change focus points without damaging their shape.

Grips With better pixels, points and points

When a capture is opened, your pointer points to your pixel selection, grid or point. But your legacy can not be. Now they are disconnected from click soyou can stay away from your curve and achieve detailed control of the edit.

Closer to the route for better control

Disable paths with accuracy and predictability. Once you finish painting, you now have the most relevant connection and starting point. Adjust dead position or choose separation direction to customizeFill exactly as you like.

GPUWindows flash

New GPU acceleration for Windows lets you runfaster on a computer running Windows 7 or 8. This feature requires a minimum of 1 GB of NVIDIA graphics from Adobe.

Alphabets Typekit workflow

When you open the file, Lost Fonts are replaced automatically. Illustrator CC Search Typekit’s desktop font library, and if there is no font, it will be synced via Cloud Creative by clicking only.

And too much

Also included: Interactive updatesPuzzle options and style improvements are associated with layouts and functions