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4shared is a desktop application that streamlines your browser’s file storage. Upload files from this app and then access them from anywhere or share them with others.

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4shared has the advantage that it looks like a web application, so users know the format. It also uses one of the best standard Windows formats, with the original file pattern, so you can easily organizefiles.

Benefits of the release of this 4shared desktop is a big upload with a delicate feel. You can not accidentally close this application just like in a browser window. So if you use 4shared more, this is a good advantage.

Although it has 4 common functionsNot as useful as Dropbox. Contrast the basic account will give you a lot of space. It also gives you more control over services like RapidShare or MegaUpload, because it’s easy to manage what you store on the Internet.

There is a good wayBut, compared to the simple DropBox system, it’s just too complicated. The send / download frame contains information such as speed and time, but may be better displayed.

4shared works well in a Windows environment, it’s a file sharing and sharing service, but it’s also a bit more complex and interactive.