2 litre 4cyl turbocharged, 113bhp0 60mph11

Still, given the brief for a family SUV, the 3008 is nicely judged.Testers’ notes: “If you want an auto you’ll have to go for this Allure trim, because it’s not available with GT Line. Allure’s our pick anyway and you save 1,400 by choosing the more efficient manual.”Toyota CH R Image 4 of 55ModelToyota C HR 1.2T ExcelPrice24,065Engine1.2 litre 4cyl turbocharged, 113bhp0 60mph11.0 secondsTest economy39.6mpg/8.7mplCO2136g/kmAnnual road tax140Toyota might be better known for its hybrids, but the 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol unit in this 24,065 C HR Excel (although our pictures show a top spec Dynamic model) offers a worthy alternative to the Vauxhall and Peugeot. There’s plenty of style thanks to its coup like design in an SUV body, but does it back this up with substance?When you get behind the wheel of the C HR, it instantly feels sportier and more dynamic than the two EMP2 based machines it’s going up against here.Image 40 of 55The steering is nicely weighted and although there’s not much connection to the front wheels, it’s easy to place the car where you want on the road.

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